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Tee·to·tal·er : One who abstains completely from a…

Posted by titusferguson on June 15, 2004

Tee·to·tal·er : One who abstains completely from alcoholic beverages.

Al·co·hol·ism : A disorder characterized by the excessive consumption of and dependence an alcoholic beverages, leading to physical and psychological harm and impaired social and vocational functioning. Also called alcohol abuse, alcohol dependence.

Social drinker : A person who drinks alcoholic beverages in moderation, chiefly when socializing.

I know Christians who think they need to make a “moral” decision about whether or not to consume alcohol. Perhaps they aren’t to blame, due to the high levels of alcoholism is society they feel they should abstain completely.

Christians ought not to have any problems with the cosumption of alcohol, what they should have issues with is alcoholism. Because nothing should ever take possession of your body in such a way that you no longer have any control over it.

Another point raised is that drinking “appears” not to be outrightly glorifying God. Well I say this; there are two ways to honor God, firstly by doing what he’s commanded, secondly by not doing something that he has forbidden. Drinking would fall into the latter of these. No where has the Lord forbidden the consumption of alcoholic beverages. So by drinking responsibly, we are honoring God.

In all of this I respect people who don’t drink for family-history reasons. Under these circumstances it may be advisable to refrain.

Well , now on to a more light hearted matter. Drinking songs!

Anyone who knows anything about the Celtic band Great Big Sea, knows that their songs are about two things, drinking and chicks. And they’ve written great songs on both these subjects. “Jakey’s Gin”, “The Night That Patty Murphy Died”, “The Old Black Rum”, and “I’m A Rover”. All great songs to raise a pint to.

Another great band is Da Vinci’s Notebook. Even their song title is cool: “Another Irish Drinking Song”.

So next time you’re out enjoying the brew, I recommend you find some good drinking tunes, it helps the grog go down easier.


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