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Archive for July, 2004

Rules for concert goers:Pushing Forward to the Fro…

Posted by titusferguson on July 19, 2004

Rules for concert goers:

Pushing Forward to the Front:

If you didn’t get into the venue at a nice and early time, then you don’t deserve to be at the front of the crowd. That’s just a simple rule, that your mother no doubt taught you when you were younger. And if you’re ever at the same concert as me, then you sure won’t be getting by me. In fact I’m not above grabbing you and pushing you back.


In order to crowd-surf properly you need a well-packed crowd, otherwise you’re going to fall down in the gaps between people. Also while surfing you need to keep your body as hard and as stiff as possible. Don’t flop around, that only makes it harder to stay up.


There are concerts at which you should mosh at and there are concerts that should be enjoyed standing still. Mosh during a Pearl Jam concert but not during a Tragically Hip one. Personally I have no problem with moshing, although I’ve found it often distracts from the concert it can be fun for a while. However keep in mind the people around you. Not everyone wants to be bumped and grinded against.

Rules for the band and roadies

Gaps between sets:

Don’t make us wait close to an hour between sets; there is no reason for it to take that long for one band to get off the stage and the other next one back on. If the only reason you’re doing this is so that we buy more beer, then it’s not going to work. People who want beer will be spending the whole concert in the beer garden, those who want music will be at the front. We aren’t going to leave our spots; no matter how long you make us wait.


Encores are cool. Encores show you appreciate your fans. So when you do one make sure you make it memorable. A one song encore is not an encore. Also don’t use them to introduce new songs; we want to hear old favourites. Bear that in mind while planning set lists; keep one big hit for the end.

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