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Archive for October, 2005

I Got Nothing You Got Something To Feel Out Of Place

Posted by titusferguson on October 31, 2005

I better blog so that the people who read this during class will not feel let down.

I’ve decided to e-mail Oprah and tell her that my blog has changed peoples lives. So if you, or anyone you know, has been “changed” by my blog let me know. That way my claim might actually be legitamite.

I think its time for one of my posts from the computer lab. Go back to the archives if you’ve never read one. I’m quite proud of them.

So today that lab is a little busier then it used to be last year, perhaps more people are finding out about it and deciding not to go the one in Nat Sci.

I think there is also supposed to be a class in here now, which would explain why a prof-like person is up at the front of the class. I wonder how long I can stay here before they threaten to kick me out? They don’t look that tough, I think I could fight back if they tried any funny stuff.

I have to go to class now. This post really sucked. I’ll write more later, when I’m in the library “supposed” to be studying.

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It’s 11:30 And I Don’t Want To Go To Bed

Posted by titusferguson on October 27, 2005

So it turns out that the web page I linked to yesterday really was Adam Plewes’ web page.
I wonder if he reads this blog? I wonder if he even stil remembers who I am?
From now on we’ll post about Adam on every post we make.

Harvey Danger released his latest album this week, and in a rare move its available as a free download!! As a whole the album’s pretty good, I’d recommend y’all get it.

Relating to free music: An ex-member of Belle and Sebastian has also been releasing free music. He’s put out three mp3 only eps that are also very good. I’m a fan of the third a more mellowish one.

So this post started out kinda funny then lost it. I should tell a joke, but I can’t think of any. Thats your job then: tell a joke in the comments.

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One Sip From The Cup Of Human Kindness and I’m…

Posted by titusferguson on October 26, 2005

So today I saw Adam Plewes’ long last twin. It was little odd. I haven’t seen Adam or heard from him in over three years. Oh, and the link above may or may not be his website. I have no idea. It was updated in 2001 which we will now term: “The Year We Lost Contact”.

Today I had Conservation Biology. I’ve come to really hate that prof, she doesn’t really know anything and two months in we’ve really accomplished nothing. We constantly have guest speakers though, which is good cause I don’t have to listen to the prof ramble on. Kinda like what I’m doing now.

The point: Todays guest speaker was Charlie Trick! He taught me Ecology last year and he’s a really good prof and enjoyable to listen to. He’s travelled all over the planet doing research and such.

What he talked about would bore y’all to death so I won’t bother telling you about it at all.

Does anyone want to go to my lab for me today?


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Breath The Air

Posted by titusferguson on October 24, 2005

Last night I had the best sandwich ever. I took two eggo ™ waffles and toasted them. I mayo’d them up and added roast beef and 12 year old cheese. Then I put them on my plate which also had coleslaw on it. The waffle soaked up some of the juices and became kinda mushy. It tasted soooo good.

Then I went to bed.

And had the strangest dream. A whole bunch of us were sitting in a a cicle and we decided to try some acid. Oddly enough the acid looked kinda like nerds, all colourfull and such. We we all popped this into our mouths, all proceeded to pass out.

When we woke up we were all tied up. Apparently one of our parents had found us in our acid inducded passed out state and tied our legs and hands together. So there we were all hopping around.

Suddenly the floor we were on broke away from the building and starting floating around. It was far out man.

I wonder what else was in that sandwhich?

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When I Was A Young Girl

Posted by titusferguson on October 19, 2005

I looked at the stats for this humble blog the other day, and I noticed that I have quite the diverse readership. As in people from all over the world. Good to have you all on board, hope you’ve been enjoyng yoursleves.

While I was doing my daily perusal of websites I discovered that Broken Social Scene is going on tour! And none other then Feist is opening for them! I checked the tour dates.

Now the closest date is in Detroit, on October 27th. Since thats only like 2 hrs a way I think we should all head out on a nice little road trip. Let me know if any of you are interested. And if you have no idea who these bands are, don’t worrry I’ll lend you some CDs.


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This Is The Place Where Time Reverses

Posted by titusferguson on October 17, 2005

Dead Men Talk To All The Pretty Nurses.

I didn’t get home until 4:40 today. That left me all of 2o minutes to hand in a stats assignment, and when your stuck on dialup, you need at least that much time. But don’t worry it’s handed in now, and on time at that.

So I have two essays to write this week. One on Canadian grasslands in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. The other on Aristotle and Hobbe’s political theory and what they would have said to each other. Who else thinks they might have tried to kill the other one. At least Hobbes might have, he was a nasty man.

In closing there are now 6 water bottles on my desk.

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We All Fall Down

Posted by titusferguson on October 15, 2005

I just drank a new beverage called “Full Throttle” and now I feel ready to do really anything. I think I might start drinking this stuff every day during exams.

Ok. Time to finish this post. I walked away from it for several hours and totally lost my train of thought. Don’t you hate it when that happens?

So I really have nothing to say, I’m going to stop now then.

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I had too much of my hair cut off today. I guess …

Posted by titusferguson on October 14, 2005

I had too much of my hair cut off today.

I guess thats what happens when you go get a haircut. I was also told that I need to change my shampoo because its doing something to my hair thats not good. I don’t know what to change it to though. Any suggestions would be great.

I’m kinda not sick anymore. But I still don’t feel great. I woke up in the middle of the night is a crazy daze. I felt like I was on some spaceship… or a character on Muppets in Space. I got up, and fumbled my way to the bathroom. Where I then..EDITED.. then I went back to bed.

I have a stats assignment due on Monday. I think I’ll go work on that now.

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A Haiku

Posted by titusferguson on October 14, 2005

I am so sick.

My face feels like its going to explode any minute now.

I have gone through whole rainforests worth of trees in kleenex.

I haven’t the energy to really write anything else.


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All She Wanted Was A Boyfriend….

Posted by titusferguson on October 12, 2005

… Or the Means To Justify a Boyfriend.

So I’m already a month into my third year at university and I don’t think I’ve written anything about school yet this year. So to remedy that I’m going to blog all the people I see here who annoy me. I might even mention their names, if I know them. Their names, not the people personally.

The People That Suck:

  1. The Guy Who Interupted A Lecture To Find Out If The Powerpoint Would Be Posted Online Because He Was Too Lazy To Make Notes. – Need I say more?
  2. The Weasel Dude – he’s voice, appearance (weasel like) and short stature make him the perfect candidate for number two
  3. Becky Zenner – this girl has got to be the biggest bitch in third year bio. Her attidude stinks and she thinks that everyone should cater to her and her needs.
  4. People who stand in the hallways and block exits to major classrooms – come on people there are 500 people trying to leave, get out of the way.
  5. The African American in front of me with the afro comb in his hair – If he was 70’s retro, he’d be cool but he’s not.
  6. People you knew in Elementrary school who stop to talk to you – I don’t know you any more keep walking.

Tomorrow: The People That Don’t Suck

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