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When Theirs Nothing Left To Burn You’ve Got To Set Yourself On Fire

Posted by titusferguson on October 6, 2005

Wow, I really suck when it comes to keeping this blog updated. At least when I write things it’s actually interesting. (Yeah thats right I did just link back to myself (I rock lol!11!!))

So much has happened that I need to blog about so this is what I propose I do, I will wirte everything thats happened in point form, and over the next couple of days I’ll post on them. So. Here. It. Goes.

  • I got hit on the thigh with a walnut
  • My philosophy prof can’t decide between the Shins or Wilco
  • I’m regretting wearing sandals today
  • I bought a new computer
  • I returned a new computer
  • I re-bought the same computer
  • I really have no life
  • I think I’ll start to make up new events to blog about
  • Rabid bunnies started eating people on campus today
  • I saw a pretty flower.

Look at that, all those neat and interesting things to blog about. That should be fun. Stay tuned for more after these messages.

Oh oh oh: Aweome bands and their albums to buy:

  1. The New Pornographers: Twin Cinemas – Get this one now. Sell your mother-in-law to raise the money to buy it.
  2. The Decemberists: Picaresque – A little slower but still awesome
  3. Spoon: Gimme Fiction – Between TNP and Dec.
  4. T.V. on the Radio: Young Liars – An older album and band that I just discovered.
  5. The Pixies: Doolittle – Why oh why didn’t we stick around for the rest of their set!!! Something I will regret for the rest of my life.

How was that for fun? You got more then you bargined for with this post!


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