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And You Think You Don’t Want To Pass Out Where Your Roommates Will Find You Again

Posted by titusferguson on November 7, 2005

Apologies for missing a whole weeks worth of updates. I kept meaning to post something but then got sidetracked. Therefore as a result I can’t remember half of what I wanted to say.

Lets go back to Tuesday of last week. In philosophy class we were discussing the Stockholm syndrome. And the prof starts talking about a song by Yo La Tengo with the same name, and how great a song it is and he thinks its a metaphor for love. This really had nothing to do with class, but neither did the discussion about the Stockholm syndrome so it all worked out in the end.

Still on philosophy I’m sure that the girl in front of me has a crush on the prof. Why else would she be constantly asking stupid questions. Sometimes I’m embarresed for her, because apparently she doesn’t know how.

AND! They guy in front of me needs to stop leaning back on my desk and pushing the whole thing backwards. I thought these things were bolted to the floor, they shouldn’t be moving.

Moving on to Thursday now: I got my essay back. First off the T.A. corrected my proper grammar for inproper grammar. Now I know I’m right cause my Grammar Nazi mother told me it was. At the same time I swear he gave me the mark he did just cause he didn’t agree with what I wrote, regardless of whether I backed it up or not. I need to make an appointment with him so I can yell and scream and demand a better grade.

On Friday night I had a midterm in BioStats. So I’m working my way through it, and its pretty simple. I get to one of the last questions and it reads:
Q. What is the answer to the bonus question?
a) Stickleback
b) BioStats
c) 42
d) Huh?
e) Whatever
And the answer was totally 42, which as you will know is the ultimate answer to life, the universe, and everything. So I totally nailed that one.

Saturday rolls around. Margaret and I were able to score free tixs to see The Trews. They put on an awesome show. I didn’t know all the songs but that didn’t stop me from having a grand ol time. The best part came at the end though. When the lead singer stopped halfway through a song and says to the band: “I can’t remember the words. Do you guys know the words? I’m sick of the the Trews, (then to the audience) What should we play now?” The drummer proceeds to give a beat the the band launches into an awesome rendition Debaser by the Pixies. Then to top that off they play Baba O’Reily by The Who.

Woah. That was a nice long one eh? Probably keep y’all busy for quite some time. By they way. Joel apparently has a swollen face and a mild concusion. He probably looks pretty funny. he he he


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