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Posted by titusferguson on January 13, 2006

Well like I promised heres a breakdown on all my classes this term:

Biology 217b : Plants As A Human Resource

This class is going to be the funniest thing I ever take at school. It basically about how plants can be used commercially. Any science in it will be a repeat of my plant anatomy courses so it won’t be hard. As well the prof seems to be really laid back and doesn’t really care about details. To top it all off several good friends from previous classes are also taking it.

Biology 282b : Cell Biology

Apparently a lot of memorization in this course. I’m already really annoyed though. There are two midterms in this course and both for some reason are schedualed on Sundays. I don’t write exams on Sundays. As a result I get to write a makeup AFTER the two exams. However I don’t get a multiple choice exam like everyone else; I get to write an essay question exam. Annoyed

Biology 335b : Animal Ecology

The Prof in this class is odd. He likes to talk about the schooling of Francis Bacon. And insult highschool science teachers. At the same time it looks like a good course. Mostly cause we get to go on field trips…. to actually fields.

Biology 346b : Wildlife Ecology And Management

On the other hand the Prof in this class looks like JVDM but just older. He’s probably no older then 35 and he’s also really funny. And he swears in class. And his cell phone went off in class. And he thinks we should hunt and fish a nice change from other leftist profs.

Philosophy 241G : Philosophy Of Law

I don’t know why I’m talking this class. I like philosophy more then I like the law. The only consolation is that I had the prof last term and he’s amazing.

Well thats that. Looks to be a fun year.


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