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Posted by titusferguson on April 23, 2007

Two posts in one day?! I know I’m crazy but I needed to post on this…

Facebook has basically become Twitter, but so much better.

Status Updates

Everything we did on twitter can now be done on Facebook. Plus it already has basically all the features I wrote about earlier.

Just one hitch; service isn’t available in Canada yet. Facebook doesn’t support any Canadian wireless companies. I’m assuming they’ll be adding them soon enough though, and once they do its good-bye old washed up Twitter.


8 Responses to “Copying…”

  1. Down with Twitter!

  2. titusferguson said

    I’m still very much confused about your giant dislike for Twitter. Do you hate all web 2.0 applications or just Twitter?!? You seem to update your status on Facebook though!!

  3. See? I’m ahead of the curve here. Yes, I do update my Facebook status frequently.

    And sure, I love Web 2.0 stuff. I’ve designed some myself and GMail reigns supreme. Mostly, I just like to offer trash talk once in a while for no good reason. Heh.

  4. titusferguson said

    Ah now I understand…… that explains a lot about you……

  5. Yeah, always looking for the joke…

  6. I actually just noticed that Facebook added SMS support for Rogers and Telus sometime in the near past.
    And I am using Twitterfeed to copy my Facebook status into my Twitter. So I always just update Facebook and it then appears everywhere.

  7. titusferguson said

    Thats pretty cool Will. How do you find out the feed for just your status though? All I can find is an aggregated feed.

  8. I see you figured out the way to find your Status feed in your latest post.

    I always end up just clicking around until I find it. I like your steps and may come back to them next time I need to find my status feed.

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