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Twitter and Facebook : Making Them Play Together

Posted by titusferguson on May 3, 2007

The beauty of the new media and web 2.0 is its ability to work well with other services. I spend most of my times figuring out how I can combine all the different sites I’m a member of into one aggregated area.  Facebook and Twitter is a great illustration of this.

A while back I wrote about how Twitter could be improved. Then I wrote about how Facebook had replaced Twitter . I didn’t really want to completely abandon Twitter though, I like the clean interface and the SMS are slightly better then Facebook. But I didn’t want to be updating the same status on two different sites. At the Geek Dinner last night William Spaetzel told me about twitterfeed. Using this you can update your Facebook status and it in turn updates your Twitter status. It was a little tricky getting to work so I’m going to give you a walkthrough of how its done.

Sign into facebook and browse to your profile. Click on see all in your mini feed. On the right hand side under view click Status Stories. This will now bring up just your status updates. Again on the right hand side you can Subscribe To These Stories. Copy this link.

Browse over to Twitterfeed. Follow their instructions for logging on. When it asks for the RSS feed put in the link you copied from Facebook.

And there you go, everything is set and your Facebook status is now on Twitter.

If I wasn’t on dialup I’d post some pictures but since it would take forever to upload, text will have to do.


4 Responses to “Twitter and Facebook : Making Them Play Together”

  1. Thanks for the great links. I’m just getting onto facebook and this looks pretty useful. Will have to check it out.

  2. Hamzah said

    Ummm is it just me or is the “Subscribe To These Stories” button gone? I can only find it for subscribing to friends status messages

  3. titusferguson said

    Nope, the buttons are still there, I just checked!

  4. […] 6th, 2007 · No Comments Having published an earlier article on how to use your Facebook status to update Twitter I started to think about the possibility of doing the reverse: update your […]

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