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Microsoft Mobile 7 to Destroy Apple’s iPhone

Posted by titusferguson on January 29, 2008

According to Michael Ashley over at NetworkWorld Microsoft’s upcoming (?) mobile 7 will, feature wise, effectively destroy Apple’s iPhone.

The iPhone is certain to fade into history as another cool Apple innovation, that others soon rushed competitive, like-products to market, blowing away any significant lead Apple might have. The iPod mp3 player is an industry Apple essentially created, the iPhone isn’t. Too many major players are in the mobile phone market, who have and will bring iPhone-like products to market over the coming months and years. LG has already done so with the LG Voyager phone, and now Microsoft’s plans for Windows Mobile 7 OS have been leaked and described in considerable detail by InsideMicrosoft blogger Nathan Weinberg.


I really like the thought Microsoft has put into WM7. It’s more than must “iPhone compete” — Microsoft is taking key ideas and extending them well beyond current mobile phone interfaces. I’m encouraged by the depth of Microsoft’s thinking about WM7.

I can already hear all the objections. Here are my thoughts on this article.

1. This is a Planned 2009 release from Microsoft. We already know how far behind Microsoft gets from their planned dates. Witness Vista. And who knows what innovations Apple will develop, they will not sit still and will continue to improved the iPhone.

2. Obviously there are others involved in the wireless industry who will try to release produces similar to the iPhone. Up until now they haven’t released a products as revolutionary as the iPhone, which puts Apple ahead of their competition, including Microsoft.

3. This is a leaked Microsoft announcement about their own products. Of course its going to say they’ll kick Apple’s butt. Problem is, they haven’t yet. For example, Vista, basically a 5 year late, rip-off of OS X.

4. This is Microsoft, they don’t release nice products. They release usable products. And even that isn’t even quit true, its pretty hard to use a product always under the Blue Screen of Death.

In the end? Microsoft might release a better product in 2009, but it will be a better product then a 2007 release. Who cares about that?


20 Responses to “Microsoft Mobile 7 to Destroy Apple’s iPhone”

  1. Jon T said

    Microsoft makes promises about a wonderful future to see if it might damage the incumbent leader.

    News: that game was exposed as a fraud in the 1990’s.

  2. titusferguson said

    Very good point Jon!

  3. Jim Stead said

    All products have a lifespan and the iPhone will be no exception. Apple does have a huge advantage that can be used to keep an edge for a long time, namely os x runs on that hardware. It’s one of the main reasons for the quality of the software that runs on the mac and the iPhone; no one has anything remotely close and it’s non-trivial to create.

  4. George said

    If MS had their stuff together with Win Mobile 6, they wouldn’t need to “destroy” the iPhone, things would have taken care of themselves. Note to MS: Deliver the goods or shut up! Preferably both.

  5. patrick said

    Awesome. Microsoft is so cool.

  6. titusferguson said

    I agree with you Jim, all products have a lifespan. It just seems that Apple’s continual innovations extends those lifespans much longer than average.

    George: Well put!

  7. Scott said

    Dream on Klingon!!!!!

  8. Picard102 said

    How did vista rip off OSX? They are fairly different.

  9. lrd said

    Did you say Windoze Mobile 7 will be released in 2009? Like Wow! Every body and thier mother will have a touch screen by then. And I’m sure it will be useless to those who own a Windoze Mobile 6 device. It will most definitely be looked as a “me too” product and worse an year and half later!

  10. titusferguson said

    Rather then repeat what others have said:


    Briefly though
    Spotlight vs Searching
    Expose vs Flip 3D
    Widgets vs Gadgets

    Yes, some apple features were available on Linux, the majority of the computing world knew of them from OS X. MS saw this and decided to copy them over to Vista.

    Basically what I was trying to say was that Apple already had all the innovations that MS that were new in Vista. Why should we expect anything different in the iPhone/Windows Mobile 7 department?

  11. lrd said

    Hey if we left to MS innovation we’d be using DOS 2000 going on DOS 2009!

  12. david said

    if you think the LG Voyager is at all comparable the iPhone there clearly is a problem with your logic. The Voyager is a very very poor device in terms of user experience. It may be the worst I have seen. The iphone is not about a touch screen – its a handheld computer that works extremely well. Its a pleasure to use, its extremely powerful and very reliable.

  13. titusferguson said

    David, I don’t think that the LG Voyager is a better phone. That is what Michael Ashley thinks. Clearly the rest of my posts shows I think this is a ridiculous claim.

  14. Alfiejr said

    it’s amazing that anyone at all takes this obvious propaganda seriously. who is that wh_re Ashley anyway?

    let’s see … Vista kicked, uh, Tiger’s butt. or was it Panther? Jaguar? keep getting all those cats confused … but you can be sure Windows full OS 7 in 2011 will trounce Leopard, even if it already is a dead cat by then. and it will be worth waiting 3-4 years for that! So Mobile 7 being just 2-3 years behind iPhone is awesome!! don’t you see?

  15. Fredrik Olsson said

    So if just:
    1. Apple do not add a single new feature to iPhone in two years.
    2. Microsoft delivers Windows Mobile 7 on planned date.
    3. Microsoft delivers Windows Mobile 7 with all planned featres.

    Then iPhone is doomed in 2009 or so, and I should not buy one today? Do I even have to be an Apple fan-boy to think that all three requirements are highly unlikely?

  16. Steve said

    From the Weinberg blog:

    ” It is, absolutely, Microsoft’s effort to beat back the iPhone, and the iPhone is referenced several times in the document.”

    Let’s face it, Microsoft is capable of developing just about anything. They have enough money and resources. What they lack is a culture of innovation. Assuming there is any truth to the blog, they’ve set their 2009 target to what Apple has delivered in 2007. This is nothing new, Microsoft has been following Apple (and others) since their inception. Let’s face it, that’s been a successful business model for them.

    However, this talk about “beating” the iPhone is nonsense. You’re basically looking at wishful design documents that are only limited to one’s imagination. Actually developing such a product is another story. Microsoft isn’t exactly trustworthy in terms of delivering on such grand features much less meeting their own timelines. As others have noted, Apple is not standing still while we wait for the next Windows Mobile OS.

    Take the Zune for instance. The Zune 2 is much better than the Zune 1, but Microsoft was competing against products from Apple that were more than a year old. When Apple released the last iPod Nano / Touch, the Zune 2 was a non-starter.

    Apple has already changed our expectations for mobile devices. While the iPhone isn’t perfect, everything else feels antiquated by comparison, regardless of features.

  17. Don said

    One of the things not mentioned is that MS has a history of describing a future product with incredible features (usually in an attempt to counter competition by creating FUD–fear, uncertainty, doubt–in consumers) and then omitting those promised features on the final product. It may well be that MS is listing valuable features for WM7, but until it is released, we can only guess as to which, if any, will be included in part or in full. The only think I can say is that it should surprise everyone if MS includes all currently planned features, and it would be easy to make money by betting against it.

  18. jbelkin said

    MS is dead as a consumer company. This is a replay of the Zune. By the time, MS came out with a copy of the Nano Gen 1 as they did this year, Apple reduced the size and made the screen wider (the current Nano) with a better screen, more features and a better battery life … MS’s problem is they will come out an 80% iPhone in 2009 but by then, Apple will have moved the bar 2 to 5 more times that will either throw off MS’ copying such as Vista is to OSX 10.1 5 years late or like the Zune, only 1 year too late but in tech, 1 day late might as well be a year late, you’re late and dead. MS is now lead by Ballmer who came from P&G and thinks tech is like laundry detergent, add some color flakes and double distribution and advertising, that’ll kill our competitor. Ballmer smart in detergent 1975 – not so smart – technology 2008.

  19. pd3ski said

    Well maybe jussssssst mayyyyyybe they’ll integrate the touch table with that phone….. that would be a real killer! Imagine laying down to talk on that beast… “Hello Steve? This is Bill”… yeah baby, you can dooooo it! Oh well by that time mac os sabertooth tiger should be out (how much further can the mac os go before running out of badass kitty names!?). Oh and by the way I think Phyllis Diller was way better at the detergent sell!!

  20. Lachlan said

    If the iPhone was such a revollutionary product, why must a second version be released before the first has even hit world wide??

    ANSWER: Because Apple make mistakes too, Sure microsoft are more famous for it, but from what i’ve seen from http://www.htc.com, I think they’ve got a winner.

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