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Working from Anywhere: The U.W.O. Addition

Posted by titusferguson on February 11, 2008

So the benefit of the new media, internet based applications, and doing business online, is the ability to work from anywhere you have a wi-fi connection. This is also true regarding students at universities. With last minute papers always been finished off and assignments due within minutes, its imperative that we be able to work anywhere on campus.

Unfortunately around this time of year that becomes increasingly difficult.

The University of Western Ontario (U.W.O) has done a great job providing wireless internet access to its students in pretty much all the major areas on campus, as this map shows. What the school is missing is adequate seating and desks.

Unless you arrive on campus early enough, say before 9 am, (early for students), you will proabably spend between 10 to 20 minutes looking for a seat anywhere. The library is always full, the cafeteria is packed from 1o am to 4 pm. The University Community Centre (UCC) has almost no good seating arrangements and other buildings on campus have almost no extra seating outside of class rooms.

Thankfull the university seems to realise this and the new athletic center will free up space in the UCC. I just hope they can maximize the space and not waste it will ill-designed kiosks. (third – fifth floors of the library for example)

I would have liked to included pictures in this posts, but I forgot my camera and walking around taking pictures with an iSight did not seem to be a good idea.

4 Responses to “Working from Anywhere: The U.W.O. Addition”

  1. Margaret said

    Even though you don’t like the “ill-designed kiosks” you have to admit that they provide space for four people to study as opposed to a table which would more than likely be taken up by one or two students.

  2. titusferguson said

    Margaret, I agree with you that they do allow more non-acquaintances to work in close proximity, but it hinders people that want to work as a group to just the second floor. Also not everyone likes working in a 2.5 ft by 2.5 ft “box”

  3. Aaron Ross said

    Well said Titus, I agree. Do you know what any of the plans are for the redesigned UCC?

  4. titusferguson said

    I haven’t heard exactly what Aaron. Just that they would involve more student “lounge” space and more “common” areas.

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