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Archive for the ‘twitter’ Category

Weekly Web 2.0 : Twitxr

Posted by titusferguson on February 19, 2008

I’ve decided to post a link/review every week of a new 2.0 web service that I’ve discovered. This week I’m going to start it with Twitxr.


Twitxr allows you to spice up your status updates with photos. The site is very basic, minimalist even. Very web 2.0. It allows you to link to both Twitter and Facebook. As if you needed anymore reason to spam every single social media site with the same update.

Twitxr allows you to update from an email. That would be allow you to update from your phone. Take a picture of “What Are You Doing“; email to Twitxr from your phone and its sent to Twitter.

Twitxr is going to bridge the gap between text and photos updates. Its adds some of the features of Pownce with the community and ease of use of Twitter.



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Twitter Interface Update

Posted by titusferguson on October 3, 2007

Twitter seems to have updated their interface. Much better now, and it includes stats.


-Larger user icons
-Clearer fonts
– Tracking : Follow specific keywords and find out when anyone twits about them

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Quick Links

Posted by titusferguson on August 22, 2007

Keeping up to date on what you favorite sites are doing, and the changes their implementing is really easy: all you have to do is read their blogs. In fact this is where most big tech sites get their info.

Here are some of my favorites

Facebook Blog
Twitter Blog
Google Blog
Internet 2.0

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Twitter Gets a (mini) Update

Posted by titusferguson on August 21, 2007

So it looks like Twitter is finnaly getting the update that it should have had long ago:

Searching Twitter

Something I wrote about quite a while back

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Automatic Profile Generator

Posted by titusferguson on August 9, 2007

Its been a few days since my last post, as well as a long period of nothing but Facebook and Twitter talk. I’m moving away from those topics today.

I recently had (what I consider) a very useful idea. So many sites these days ask their users to fill out a small profile describing themselves, or to say whatever they’d like. I’m sure everyone’s seen them on social networking sites. Its tedious to constantly come up with something to fill it with, I would prefer I had something prewritten that I could just dump in.

I know I could just type up a Word document with a profile and save that on my harddrive and just pull it up everytime I need a profile, but I want an easier way to create a profile and something I can access anywhere

What I need is a website that automatically generates profiles.

The user answers a series of questions and a profile is created based on their answers. Creating an account would allow their profile to be saved and accessed or modified any time they want. Multiple profiles could also be created for different sites, just changed the type of questions asked

I have no idea how this could be accomplished, or even the first step in getting itdone. If anyone has any further ideas, knows how to get the practical ball rolling or better yet has heard of such a service, let me know. I think this idea really has potential.

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Update Facebook with Twitter

Posted by titusferguson on August 6, 2007

Having published an earlier article on how to use your Facebook status to update Twitter I started to think about the possibility of doing the reverse: update your Facebook status via Twitter. I looked around Facebook and even did some Google searches but I was unable to come up with any way.

So I emailed the help desk at Facebook:

“I was wondering if there is anyway to update my Facebook status
from a site outside of Facebook, such as Twitter, Pownce or Jaiku.
I know its possible to update these sites using an RSS feed, but can
the reverse be done?”

The response I got back was:

“Unfortunately, the feature you are requesting is not currently
available. We will keep your suggestion in mind, however, as we
continue to improve the site. Let me know if you have any further
questions. ”

So thats the current situation, Facebook will allow outgoing RSS feeds but not incoming. It’ll be interesting to see when, if ever, Facebook will open up to other sites.

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Last One for A While

Posted by titusferguson on May 9, 2007

Some of you might know this, and some of you might not, but I’m leaving tomorrow morning for a two month job planting trees in Northern Ontario. I’ll be gone until sometime until the beginning/middle of July. So that means there will be no more blog posts for quite some time. I might try to get something out on one of my days off, if I can find internet access somewhere.

I hope I’ll still have all my readers when I get back.

On a more interesting note. I love seeing what Google searches are bringing people to this site. The top hits of late have been:

RSS Facebook Status
Twitterfeed Facebook
Funny Facebook Status
Romantic Facebook Status
Funny Facebook Status Updates
Link  Twitter to Facebook

So apparently I’m a Twitter and Facebook guru… who knew


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Ideas That Wouldn’t Work

Posted by titusferguson on May 4, 2007

So with the advent of Facebook mobile, Twitter and even Gmail on your mobile phone. I started thinking how awesome it would be if all these sites were rolled into one. You’d sign in to a service that collects all the information from every social networking site or email client you belong to. Then when any thing of importance, messages, emails, etc. would be sent via SMS to your mobile.

Then I realized this was probably almost useless. I know all these sites already use SMS. I just wanted a way to aggregate them all together.

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Twitter and Facebook : Making Them Play Together

Posted by titusferguson on May 3, 2007

The beauty of the new media and web 2.0 is its ability to work well with other services. I spend most of my times figuring out how I can combine all the different sites I’m a member of into one aggregated area.¬† Facebook and Twitter is a great illustration of this.

A while back I wrote about how Twitter could be improved. Then I wrote about how Facebook had replaced Twitter . I didn’t really want to completely abandon Twitter though, I like the clean interface and the SMS are slightly better then Facebook. But I didn’t want to be updating the same status on two different sites. At the Geek Dinner last night William Spaetzel told me about twitterfeed. Using this you can update your Facebook status and it in turn updates your Twitter status. It was a little tricky getting to work so I’m going to give you a walkthrough of how its done.

Sign into facebook and browse to your profile. Click on see all in your mini feed. On the right hand side under view click Status Stories. This will now bring up just your status updates. Again on the right hand side you can Subscribe To These Stories. Copy this link.

Browse over to Twitterfeed. Follow their instructions for logging on. When it asks for the RSS feed put in the link you copied from Facebook.

And there you go, everything is set and your Facebook status is now on Twitter.

If I wasn’t on dialup I’d post some pictures but since it would take forever to upload, text will have to do.

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Posted by titusferguson on April 23, 2007

Two posts in one day?! I know I’m crazy but I needed to post on this…

Facebook has basically become Twitter, but so much better.

Status Updates

Everything we did on twitter can now be done on Facebook. Plus it already has basically all the features I wrote about earlier.

Just one hitch; service isn’t available in Canada yet. Facebook doesn’t support any Canadian wireless companies. I’m assuming they’ll be adding them soon enough though, and once they do its good-bye old washed up Twitter.

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